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Mermaids and Mermen have contacted the Mermaid Sanctuary in Belize because they are seeking our help.



The Mermaid Sanctuary in Belize is a project of Pahtal Nevis, LTD with a mission to create a Mermaid Sanctuary that would raise awareness of the One World Ocean and the intelligent life and endangered species within it. ​



Mermaid Sanctuary Fundraiser: Become a Member, receive cool gifts!
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Welcome Mermaids of the Oceans and
Land-Walkers of the Earth:

We are the Mermaid Sanctuary in Belize, and we invite you to be part of history for only $20. Since word got out that we are building a Mermaid Sanctuary right next to the edge of the second largest barrier reef in the world, Mermaids and Mermen from all over have been contacting us on their shell phones and through sea-mail and letting us know that they are reaching out to us because their caves are full of plastic bottles, and sometimes they can’t breathe because the landwalkers are destroying their One World Ocean, their home. 

So, won’t you “add to the cart” ? –    A portion goes to the Coral Reef Alliance and Green Reef – organizations that restore coral reefs around the One World Ocean. This way, we can restore and preserve more than just our Sanctuary Area and help the One World Ocean.

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We love what they do! One of our Core Values is Restorative Sustainability - to enhance Mother Earth Gaia with our presence. Your name, and/or the name of your loved one will be inscribed on a Special Scroll that will be placed in a Pirate Ship Treasure Chest that will be buried in the Mermaid Sanctuary with artifacts of Lost Civilizations of the Deep, along with Mermaid Lore, Legends, and Facts. You’ll also get a Certificate of Appreciation sea-mailed to you so you can proudly display to the Landwalkers that you helped build the Mermaid Sanctuary! So ADD TO THE CART!
 – get your friends to Add to the Cart – if everyone Adds to the Cart we can build the Sanctuary quickly and then people from around the world can come to Belize and SWIM WITH THE MERMAIDS! The mermaids will be swimming in lagoons designated as a manatee preserve, you can swim with them and learn about our one world ocean. 
Enjoy this video of Real Life Mermaid Hannah Mermaid Swimming with Sharks and other Sea Creature Friends. Please visit her at:
Pirate Bob explains the fundraiser.